Nintendo’s 3DS: Top Game Reviews

The Nintendo 3DS is set to hit shelves in the US tomorrow; gamers who have pre-ordered the unit, along with those willing to wait in line to get their hands on one, are eager to find out what games will be worthy of the new 3D effect.

Below are reviews for some of the hottest titles, including an overall rating (1 – 5 stars).

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (4.5 Stars)
Shadow Wars offers new content for the 3DS, as opposed to rehashed games offered by other titles.  It is one of the best turn-based games on the market and takes advantage of the 3D features, even if the graphics are a bit poor.  The user interface is easy to use, improving gameplay from prior versions.  However, when playing with a partner the console is passed back and forth; there is no online or wireless options, which kept the game from getting five stars.  Users will still be happy with the game, but will likely be more pleased if and when Shadow Wars II comes out fixing these flaws.

Ridge Racer 3D (4.0 Stars)
Ridge Racer has become an afterthought in recent years with its many iterations lacking any significant changes.  It would have been easy to ignore this game altogether, but that would have been a major oversight.  Few games will benefit from the 3D effect as much, and while there are still some jagged edges and lack of detail in places, the game seems re-born on the 3D platform.  It still features all the unrealistic features of arcade racing that make these games great, and hosts a widely expanded menu of course options.

nintendogs + cats (4.0 Stars)
To be fair, this isn’t so much a game as it is interactive entertainment.  It also lacks the flash and draw of a “Black Ops” title, but that hasn’t stopped the nintendogs DS version (over 24 million copies) from outselling the Call of Duty version.  Stellar graphics, improved voice recognition (animals do tricks based on your vocal commands) and captivating interaction improve the experience of owning perpetual puppies and kittens.  The pets never age or die, and even after weeks of “neglect,” the worse that happens is they are in desperate need of a bath.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (4.0 Stars)
If this game was rated based on the recreation of the original game, it would have received five stars.  It offers all of the same features, right down to the online features.  It also makes great use of the touchscreen.  However, the game is a straight crossover of the 2D version, and hasn’t changed  much since the release of Street Fighter II.  While the depth of the screen makes the game look better, it still operates on a simple left to right basis and makes no real use of 3D.

Pilotwings Resort (3.5 Stars)
Straight from Wii Sports Resort, users fly their plane over and around Wuhu Island.  This game is an amazing showcase of the 3D effects!  The visuals are simply stunning, even if overly-familiar, and the game is easily explored with the comfortable controls.  The game doesn’t offer many missions, though, and offers just the one environment.  This game could have been a five star release if those two items were addressed.  Pilotwings offers a great experience, but it’s limited in nature and doesn’t offer much bang for the buck.  Users could become bored with it after a weekend rental.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D (3.5 Stars)
This game may offer the best use of 3D graphics of all of the launch games.  It would have received a higher rating, but there were some complaints with the overall features and some rough edges in the graphics.  Still, it offers a solid soccer experience.

Splinter Cell 3D (2.5 Stars)
As much as this game is reveled in another format, the leap to a hand-held version fell flat.  The controls simply aren’t functional, the graphics are poor, and there are no multi-player options.

Super Monkey Ball 3D (2.0 Stars)
Users have commented that this game falls well short of the promise in the title!  Aside from making great us of 3D effects (it is one of the few games that features objects flying off the screen towards users), the game is simplistic and easy.  It can be played with controls or in tilt mode, but the tilt options are overly sensitive and distract from the stereoscopic 3D.

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