Four Georgia teens accused of murder in the beating death of a fifth teen at a house party over the weekend made their first appearance in court Monday morning.

The accused include Horace Damon Coleman (19), Emanuel Benjamin Boykins (18), Quantez Devonta Mallory (18) and Tracen Franklin (19).  Each of the four teens faces one count of murder in the death of Bobby Maurice Tillman (18).

Early Sunday police were called to a house party in metro Atlanta that had gotten out of control. According to authorities the four teens had been involved in a fight and Tillman was attacked unprovoked as a response to the earlier scuffle.  Tillman was a small 18 year old male who was a mere 5’6 and 125 lbs. The police have stated that he was beaten and stomped until he was killed in the fight.

The mother of the girl who hosted the party called the police when the party seemed out of control. They estimated between 60 and 80 in attendance and 57 witnesses were taken in for questioning. Authorities have said that no drugs or alcohol was found on the scene.

The judge ordered no bail for the teens until they have the chance to speak with attorneys. All of the accused except for Franklin have requested a court appointed attorney for the case.

Tillman’s mother said her son was an angel on earth and his death would not be in vain.