Teased at last year’s VGX award show and further shown at E3 2014, No Man’s Sky is making a stir in the gaming community.

What sets this game apart from all the others?

The premise and ambitious gameplay!

Developer Hello Games, makers of the popular Joe Danger series, aim to create an experience unique to any video game.

Players start on a procedurally generated planet all by themselves. Their name is then placed on the planet as the discoverer. Players can continue to explore the expansive universe, even with friends.

The universe is said to be so expansive that even the developers don’t know everything in it. Talk about ambitious.

Even more to the premise are the stunning visuals, which are viewable in the trailer below.

No Man’s Sky will debut exclusively on the Playstation 4, with other platform releases possible later. No release date has been given.

No Man’s Sky’s official website is found here.

Do you think a game like this is achievable? Would a lofty game like this push you into buying a next gen console?

Let us know what you think below!