No Netflix app for BlackBerry 10BlackBerry is making efforts to bring BlackBerry 10 into the limelight that’s dominated by iOS and Android.

However, they’ve suffered a major blow as Netflix has announced they don’t have any current plans to develop an app for the platform.

An unnamed spokesman told AllThingsD the platform has been entirely skipped by the video streaming company for the time being.

Sources note that Netflix has little incentive to develop an app for BB10 OS. The costs of developing and maintaining a Netflix app for BlackBerry 10 would outweigh the benefits.

The story also mentions that if a big company like Netflix doesn’t see potential in BlackBerry 10, there’s little incentive for smaller developers to release apps.

BlackBerry is hoping Netflix will reconsider their decision.

Will not having a Netflix app affect your decision about buying a BlackBerry?

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