Nokia Lumia 925 T-Mobile exclusive The Nokia Lumia 925 is on it’s way to the US, and T-Mobile has an exclusive on the smartphone.

T-Mobile has published a somewhat difficult to find sign up page for shoppers who wish to receive updates regarding the Lumia 925, it’s here.

The carrier announced that the Nokia Lumia 925 will be their next flagship phone, and also added the device will be able to deliver an amazing experience on-the-go, thanks to its exclusive preloaded applications and hardware.

Nokia Lumia 925 will be compatible with T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network.

The Lumia 925 is a lightweight phone with a metal design.

It comes with a 4.5-inch HD+ PureMotion display, a 1.5-GHz dual core processor, 16 GB internal SD memory, 1 GB RAM, and an 8.7 mega-pixel back facing camera. The phone runs on Windows 8.

The device will hit  T-Mobile stores along with Nokia services such as their location and navigation app HERE, Nokia Smart Camera, Nokia Music, and more.

There’s no word on the price or release date.