Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 cell phones are probably going to be the most ever anticipated phones from Nokia. These future phones are the topics of news from the very first day Nokia signed the deal with Microsoft. New updates are out about Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets and they are at the same time assuring and disappointing.

The assuring fact of the upcoming Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets is that they are coming to the market this year. Nokia’s spokespersons are reassuring the press and everyone again and again that the new Windows Phone 7 handsets from Nokia will hit the market before 2012. They said that prototypes have already handed over to select employees, and the phones will be introduced to the mass when they are completely ready.

The disappointing news is the number of selected countries where Nokia will release their Windows Phone 7 mobiles. The list includes six countries, which are – Netherlands, UK, Italy, Spain, France and Germany. This is a smart move from Nokia to release the newly developed handsets to markets which are already well penetrated by them. If the first impression goes well then the users are going to get a true competitor against the Android OS which is now leading the competition of multiplatform mobile OS’s.

Surprisingly their list does not include Finland in the priority list and no more words from Nokia about the selection of the countries.