NYC Comic Con 2016 Tickets: Sign-Up By 6/13 Or You Can’t Buy Tickets

2016 NYC Comic Con tickets will be going on sale soon- but if you want to know when and have access to them you’ll need to sign up first.

In an attempt to stop the high amount of tickets being scalped for the event and avoid the disastrous online debacle that took place last year, this year’s process will be markedly different.

Yes comic fans, this year if you want tickets, you’re going to have to work for them (okay, not really, but you will have to jump through some hoops).

This year, there will be no VIP tickets sold and no tickets will be sold through any retailers other than NYCC Tickets.

And if you want access to those tickets, you will need to sign up for Fan Verification first, which is the only way to know when tickets are on sale and be able buy them go on sale.

Fan Verification is simple: go to the NYC Comic Con official website using this link, click on the terms and conditions agreement and then click the fan verification link (both are located in the middle of the page).

The deadline to sign up is June 20.

You will get a code sent to your phone, giving you a code to enter and sign up, requiring basic information and your email.

You’ll then get an email 48 hours before tickets go on sale containing a unique link to where you can purchase tickets.

Fan Verification is required for everyone 12 and up, so if you are planning to buy tickets for multiple people they must be signed up too.

In other words, even though you sign up and pick you are buying 3 tickets, those 3 people must also go on and sign up (yes, a but redundant).

Fan verification does not guarantee a ticket- just that you’ll have a chance to purchase them.

Sounds like a pain- and it is- but after so many tickets were bought up and sold for outrageous prices last year, it is worth the hassle.

It ensures tickets end up in the hands of more fans and cuts down on the online confusion.

Plus, the whole secretive email with the date and link is right out of the pages of a comic book.

NY Comic Con takes place October 6-9 at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC.

What do you think of the NYC Comic Con fan verification process?

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