Occupy Protesters Have Little Effect On Black Friday

Occupy Wall Street protesters staged protests at a number of stores on November 25, in an apparent attempt to discourage consumerism. According to reports, it had little affect.

In San Francisco, the Sacramento Bee reported that several dozen protesters carried signs at Union Square. Later than day, protesters sat down in the middle of Market Street, chanting “Stop shopping and join us!”

In New York, a small number of Occupy protesters were reported to be shouting at shoppers standing in line. One of the shoppers said it added to the fun, according to the Financial Times.

Occupy Wall Street protesters were also reported staging protests in Honolulu, HI, Seattle, WA, Eugene, OR, and Atlanta, GA.

Ten Occupy protesters were reported to have been arrested in Del City, OK, after causing a disturbance in a Walmart, and 6 others were arrested in a mall in Syracuse, NY.

However, the effect on shoppers appears to be minimal. Witnesses report that while many are taking pictures, none appear to be stepping out of line or leaving due to their presence. “If they were so smart, they would join us in line for a discount,” one shopper stated.

Consumer Expert Faroh Sauder

Faroh Sauder has spent more than 30 years working as a journalist and educator. He has written on politics, international affairs, civil rights, and consumer education.

Now mostly retired, Faroh continues to stay current on tech and consumer issues and reports on his interests here at News For Shoppers.