Oculus Reveals Rift VR Headset Revision

Oculus Reveals Rift VR Headset Revision

Not to be outdone by Sony’s announcement at Game Developers Conference of its Project Morpheus VR headset, Oculus has revealed today at the same Game Developers Conference the Rift Development Kit 2.

Unlike Project Morpheus, which will run only on a PS4, Rift is meant to work on any PC.

While Sony’s headset is locked to established developers for development, Rift has been available for anyone who is willing to pony up $300 for the original Dev Kit to play with and experiment on.

The Development Kit 2, according to Oculus reps, will offer a significant improvement over the original device. It will be replacing the current 480p display screen with a higher resolution 1080p (HD) OLED display.

In order to combat nausea caused by the original device, a low-persistence motion tracking system and latency reducing software will be added along with an included infrared camera.

Rift is already widely supported in some PC games in both official and fan-made mods (add-ons). Thee games include Thief, Minecraft, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, EVE Valkyrie, Hawken and the highly anticipated Star Citizen.

Oculus still hasn’t provided a release date for the consumer model as the device will continue to see improvement before its final implementation.

The Development Kit 2 is now available for pre-order for $350 and will be made available in July of this year.

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