Ohio State was just crowned the 2015 National Football Champions and Buckeye fans are already looking for where to find T-shirts and hats on sale now.

Problem is, right now, there are few options available. Most stores won’t have merchandise until the morning- even on line.

This is a change from recent years, when stores have been open immediately following the game to sell championship gear.

Consumer Press spoke with dozens of stores and websites and was surprised to learn that in addition to local stores not being open only a select few were expecting shipments.

For those looking to order online now, you can try  Amazon, Sports Authority, Lids (which just acquired the Buckeye Store) and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

These retailers all said they expected merchandise, but could not guarantee that it would be available immediately following the game.  Also, merchandise may be limited at this time.

If you plan to purchase in-stores here is where and when you can get some Buckeye gear:

The Buckeye Corner (614-846-0360).  1550 Polaris Parkway, Ste  305, Columbus, Ohio 43240. Shelby, an associate there, told Consumer Press that they will have hats, T-shirts and more starting at around 8 A.M. (EST) Tuesday morning.   They are expecting to get their delivery at around 5 A.M. (EST), so you can call and check to see if they open even earlier.  Click on the link to check their online store too.

The Official Team Shop (614-292-2073).  555 Borror Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43210.  A spokesman told Consumer Press they will have merchandise starting at 9 A. M. (EST) Tuesday morning and were expecting several shipments throughout the day.  You can click the link to check their online store too.

Koch’s Sporting Goods (513-621-2352). 131 West 4th street, Cincinatti, Ohio 45202.  A Koch’s spokesman said they expected to have championship gear available starting Tuesday afternoon when they get their shipment.  You can also click on the link to check their online store.

Sports Authority (614-476-0500).  3850 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43219.  Reed, who works for Sports Authority, told Consumer Press they expected to get championship merchandise on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Click on the link or call to see when it becomes available.

Do you plan on buying Buckeye championship gear?  Tell us if you are, and where  you’ll be shopping, below!