An Ohio State bomb threat led to the evacuation of four buildings on campus Tuesday as authorities investigated the issues.

The FBI Columbus, Ohio bureau notified Ohio State University of an anonymous email that touted explosives were placed inside buildings on the campus. The school immediately went into emergency mode and evacuated the buildings while authorities initiated an investigation into the situation.

The four buildings that were evacuated include the William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library, the McPherson Chemical Lab, the Smith Laboratory and Scott Laboratory. The classes that were being held in three of the buildings were canceled and all four buildings were closed pending the investigation.

There were no announcements as to whether explosives were located in any of the buildings though it was considered a threat until the investigation was complete.

The university received word of the threat at 8:19 am and had initiated the Buckeye Alert System by 8:41 am.  Streets near the area were closed off to any traffic.

Local, state and federal officials were working to together to uncover any details.

It was reported that students and staff responded orderly and without much confusion.