Old SpiceIt seems that Old Spice has bought a new domain, theflatteringman.com, where internet goers can trick their friends via social media into clicking on ridiculous, bogus products.

The best has to be a push-up shirt that claims to form large amounts of fat into the shape of muscles.

The other fake products include an “illegal neck workout machine” and a “100% solid gold headset.”

After users have been routed to the site, they are shown the product for just a few seconds before they are chided by Isaiah Mustafa, a man you have probably seen in a number of Old Spice commercials.

Perhaps this is Old Spice’s way of making up for the fact that it did not buy a spot for the Super Bowl this year, or at least no one has yet announced that they will have a commercial.

This could be an even more successful campaign for them, though.

What do you think of Old Spice’s new campaign?

Would you be willing to try and trick your friends?

Do you think this will be more successful than a Super Bowl commercial spot?

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