A recent poll by Consumer Reports shows that one in five Americans have not even begun their Christmas shopping, and 10 percent of Americans will be hitting the stores on Christmas Eve to get those last minute gifts for friends and loved ones.

Money concerns topped the list of reasons for the delay in shopping but it was not the only reason. 21 percent of those surveyed admitting putting off the chore simply because they dislike shopping.

Many expected 2010 to be the year for internet shopping with the free shipping offers from the many merchants. However polls showed that only 3 percent of Americans shopped strictly on the internet this year.

Stores are preparing for the mad rush of last minute shoppers, but they may be dismayed at the results. Gift cards are expected to be the go-to gift for the year as they are quick and easy to grab.

Shoppers admitted to purchasing last minute gifts at drug stores, supermarkets and convenience stores. Many even touted lottery tickets as a great last minute gift if in a pinch for what to give.