Last night’s Opposite Worlds live show answered many questions as it set up a dramatic final week.

The episode opened with the teams trying to deal with the latest bit of shocking news. Whoever is chosen as the decider this week must choose two players from both teams to put in the duel of destiny.

Tuesday night fans were asked to choose between Lauren from Team Epoch and Jeffry from Team Chronos as the decider. In his last second plea, Jeffry asked not to be chosen.

Fans of the show granted Jeffry’s wish from Tuesday night as they voted for Lauren to be the decider.

Lauren chose Mercy and Jesse from Team Chronos for the duel of destiny.  From her own team, Epoch, Lauren went with her willing volunteers Samm and Frank.

The duel had the teams trying to put together an Egyptian idol while tied together with a bungee cord. In the end Samm and Frank won for Team Epoch.

Just before the live episode ended the most and least popular players as chosen by the Twitter popularity index were revealed. The most popular is once again Lauren. The least popular is Lisette from Team Chronos.

As the show enters its final week next week fan interaction has become crucial. They can influence the Twitter popularity index by using one player’s name at a time with the hashtag Opposite Worlds.

Fans can also catch up on the season to date by checking out streaming episodes and behind the scenes videos on the show’s page.