This week’s first Opposite Worlds revealed a major twist, from now on someone will be eliminated in every episode.

This twist in the game makes audience participation that much more important as the show works towards crowning its first winner.

The show started with Steve celebrating and Jesse struggling with his emotions following Danielle’s departure last week.

The teams first learned of the twist at this week’s worldly challenge.

The winner would control the worlds. The loser would have to eliminate one of their own during the episode. The challenge had the teams working to figure out a hieroglyphics puzzle.

After a week in the past, Team Chronos rebounded and won the worldly challenge. As a result, they went back to the future. This meant it was Frank’s first time in the past.

Not only does Frank have to go to the past, but Epoch also has to eliminate one of their own. After a secret vote they chose to eliminate Steve.

After Steve’s elimination, the Twitter popularity index was revealed. Lauren is the favorite player. Jeffry is the least favorite player, for the third time.

The popularity index is determined by the fans who influence the results by tweeting about the players using the hashtag Opposite Worlds. Fans can also influence the show by voting for the decider on The winner will be named in tomorrow night’s  live episode.

The Opposite Worlds experience does not end when the show does. It continues with streaming episodes and behind the scenes videos on the show’s page on