SyFy’s Opposite Worlds social experiment came to a close tonight by naming its first champion.

After a highlight reel of the past six weeks, it was time for the remaining four contestants to answer some fun questions that fans tweeted for them. One question was even sent in by former contestant Jesse.

Following the Twitter questions it was announced that the fans had voted Frank as the final protected player of the game. The role of the protected was even more important than usual tonight. As the protected, Frank was given an automatic free pass to the final duel of destiny.

The remaining three contestants faced off in the first duel of the night. It was a six question trivia contest using questions about the show. The player with the most points at the end of the duel would move on to face Frank in the championship duel.

JR won the trivia game with a score of four points. Jeffry finished in second with three points. Samm finished with two correct questions.

In the final duel of destiny, JR and Frank faced off in an extreme obstacle course.  The battle was close at first, but Frank pulled away for the final victory.

As the first Opposite Worlds champion, Frank took home a trophy along with the grand prize of $100 thousand dollars.

Fans can look back and enjoy the first season of Opposite Worlds through streaming videos at