Tonight’s Opposite Worlds was the first of the two part season finale.

The episode started with the remaining six players enjoying a breakfast of actual food. This was a treat for Team Epoch, who was still living in the past. During breakfast it was revealed that the teams were no more.

Players picked one person to pair up with for the final worldly challenge. Instead of playing for control of the worlds. The goal was survival.

The winning pair was given an automatic pass into tomorrow night’s live finale. They were also given the power to choose two other players to make up the final four. The two players who weren’t chosen were automatically eliminated.

This week’s worldly challenge had the players balancing a ball between them on a platform. One wrong move and the ball would drop eliminating the pair from the challenge.

Frank and JR won the challenge.  Instead of relaxing however, they had to choose who would join them in the finale.

After a restless night and interesting discussions with the remaining players, the duo made their choices. Frank chose Samm. JR kept his word to Jeffry and chose him as the last member of the final four.  Lauren and Lissette were eliminated.

Tomorrow night the final four will have to survive two duels of destiny. However, whoever the fans choose as the protected will get a free pass to the final duel.  Fans can vote on the Opposite Worlds page of until noon Eastern tomorrow.