Oreck Announces Sale On Vacuums, Air Purifiers, Steam Mops

Oreck announced this weekend that they will be having a sale on vacuums, air purifiers, and steam mops. The sale includes up to $100 off vacuums that are normally priced $299 and up, up to $200 off on air purifiers, and 15% off steam mops that are regularly priced over $99.

oreck-vacuum-saleFeatured in the sale is the new Oreck Forever Series Gold vacuum. This new vacuum is regularly priced at $399, but is $100 off during the sale, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

As for air purifiers, Oreck has the Oreck XL Professional Tower Air Purifier on sale, normally it’s $599, with $200 off, it’s now $399. This air purifier has a permanent filter, that, according Oreck, can be cleaned in minutes.

The 15% off steam mops sale includes the Oreck Steam-It, and the Oreck Steam-Glide.

Oreck offers a 30 day moneyback satisfaction guarantee on all their items. According to Oreck, this sale will end August 28. Oreck’s website is at oreck.com.

Consumer Expert Faroh Sauder

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