Organic Food Bar, Inc. of Fullerton, CA has issued a recall of RAW Organic Food Bars Chocolatey Chocolate Chip (affected lots are listed below).  These products may contain undeclared peanut proteins, and according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), people with an allergy or severe sensitivity to peanuts are at risk of a “serious or life-threatening allergic reaction” if they consume tainted product.

Chocolatey Chocolate Chip bars are distributed in the USA and Canada.  They reach consumers via retail stores, mail order, direct delivery and other retail distribution systems.  The products were shipped in 12 pack cartons.  Organic Food Bar, Inc. is urging consumers who have purchased RAW Organic Food Bar Chocolatey Chocolate Chip with the lot numbers and exp dates below to return any unused product to the place of purchase; they will receive a full refund.

The product was tainted through cross contamination of raw materials.  Organic Food Bar, Inc. said in a statement that they are “investigating if the affected products contained peanut allergen through cross contamination of raw materials by one of our vendors since at the time we were a peanut free facility. We have since changed our suspected vendor of cashew butter and our new vendor has dedicated cashew line and claims no chance of cross contamination.”

Questions can be directed to the company at 1 800 246 4685, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST.

Items being recalled are the RAW Organic Food Bar Chocolatey Chocolate Chip, with UPC 873521000220 containing the following lot numbers and expiration dates:

Lot #3071210, exp. 7/12/2011
Lot #2071210, exp. 7/12/2011
Lot # 02081610, exp. 08/11
Lot #01081610, exp. 08/11
Lot #04092710 exp. 9/27/2011