Photo courtesy of Oscar.go.comDid you miss the 2013 Oscar Awards Ceremony? You’re in luck – for a short period of time. For the first time in the history of the Oscars (formerly known as the Academy Awards), the ceremony is available online and on few mobile apps as well.

In a press release issued late Sunday night, The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences announced that the entire awards ceremony will be available from 6 AM EST Monday, February 25th to midnight EST on Wednesday, February 27th.

You can catch the 2013 Oscars awards ceremony in a variety of ways –, the free ABC Player app, and the Hulu and Hulu Plus subscription service.

Hulu and ABC’s online stream and apps will be supported by 15- to 30-second ads from sponsors including Diet Coke, Hyundai, JC Penney, and Samsung.

“Tonight’s show included remarkable performances that will surely have people talking. This is an easy, convenient way for anyone who missed the show to catch up and join the conversation,” said Karin Gilford, Senior Vice President of Digital Media, ABC Entertainment. “It’s also perfect for anyone who just wants to relive the most magical moments of the night.”

If you want to catch some behind the scenes coverage of the 2013 Oscars, offers a great deal of “Real Time Oscar Highlights.” The coverage was available to viewers almost instantly after they broadcast, and are now available online for those who couldn’t catch the show, or those who would like to review their favorite moments.

Coverage is available through the official Oscars app as well.

In addition to the official coverage, there are many other sources of red carpet coverage and behind the scenes footage including E! Entertainment online, E! Entertainment’s mobile app Live From The Red Carpet, Entertainment Weekly, and The Hollywood Reporter.

“Our goal is to give fans as many ways to enjoy and engage with the Oscars as possible and this will provide another great opportunity for them,” said Christina Kounelias, the Academy’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Do you think the 2013 Oscars should have been available online or through an app in the first place?

Are you pleased with the winners of the Oscars, or do you think some nominees got snubbed?

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