Ouya No Longer Requires Free Portions For Their Games

Ouya No Longer Requires Free Portions For Their Games

Via a post on their blog, Ouya has announced that it will no longer require developers of content on its microconsole to include a “free to try” portion.

This means that much like Google Play or the App Store, creators will now have the option to charge a few dollars up front instead of throwing their work behind a paywall.

When the system first launched last year, one of its biggest selling points was that all released games would include a demo, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case anymore.

So what’s the reason for this shift? Apparently developers wanted more freedom when it came to designing their games. In some cases coders felt that having to shoe-horn in a free portion was either too time consuming, complicated, or contradictory to the original vision they had for their title.

This decision marks the second major change in Ouya’s business practices in just a matter of weeks. The company also recently outed that they would now allow makers of other Android hardware to access their Ouya store as well.

Despite having a record setting Kickstarter campaign worth over $8 million, the Ouya has since suffered in retail and in consumer mind-share.

Will these new changes help save what looks to be a sinking ship?

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