iPhone 4

More than 1.7 million iPhone 4’s were sold in the first three days of it’s launch, according to Apple.

Apple CEO said it was the most succesful launch of any product in Apple history, and he apologized to potential customers that were turned away due to sell outs.

The launch of the iPhone 4 brought huge crowds to Apple and AT&T stores, where the iPhone 4 was being sold. Many stores had a line at the door when they opened that morning.  Some customers even camped out in front of the stores the evening prior to the launch.

For comparison, it took 74 days for Apple to sell one million units of the original iPhone. The iPhone 3g launch had one million sold the first three days. More than 600,000 iPhone 4’s were pre-ordered online before it’s launch.

The iPhone 4 runs on Apples proprietary operating system, iOS, and apps are available through Apples online app store.