The major snow storm pounding the east coast is leaving thousands of travelers stranded across the U.S.

As of Thursday at 5:30 MST, 6,789 flights have been cancelled and 6,465 flights have been delayed.

February 13 has been marked the worst day for air travel in 2014.

It’s partly attributed to the fact that the airports in the normally warm states of North Carolina and Georgia are ill-equipped to deal with snow.

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina has been hit the hardest, with 644 canceled flights and 98 delayed flights. Next is the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta with 463 canceled flights and 83 delayed flights.

The other airports in the colder regions affected by the snow storm aren’t immune to cancelations and delays. The Philadelphia International Airport comes in third with 430 canceled flights and 40 delayed flights.

Even the warm states in the west are affected by this nationwide crisis. 47 flights at the San Francisco International Airport were canceled and 168 flights were delayed.

Other airports, including the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and the Los Angeles International Airport, face many flight delays and cancellations.

Delta, US Airways, Southwest, ExpressJet, and United are the top 5 airlines with the most delayed and canceled flights.

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