Paragon Software Group, an Irvine, California based developer of storage and data backup utilities, announced a webinar on Thursday, September 22, 2011 hosted by storage expert Jim K. Thomas.  The webinar will focus on identification and correction of hard drive partition misalignments.  Attendees will receive a free trial download of the Paragon Alignment Tool (PAT) 3.0.

Advanced format hard drives can present a problem when paired with Windows operating systems of Windows XP or older.  The operating system doesn’t correctly write data, putting data in multiple sectors rather than one.  This makes the operating system read data multiple times for the same operation dramatically slowing system performance.

The webinar will discuss the solution to the problem and include a demonstration of the software.  Versions of Paragon’s tool are included in Dell Computer’s advanced hard drives as well as Toshiba Advanced Format drives.  Webinar attendees can sign up at