The staunchly-conservative and Christian politician Reverend Pat Robertson has been gaining some unlikely supporters over the last couple of days after he made some surprising comments on his Christian Broadcasting Network.

He said that, essentially, mandatory prison sentences for very specific marijuana-related crimes may be a mistake being perpetuated by Christian conservative politics and politicians.

A few outspoken pot legalization supporters have also noted that the Reverend seemed to suggest that the current criminalization of possession of small quantities of pot may also be out of line.  Robertson says in his December 16th broadcast of the 700 Club, “It got to be a big deal in campaigns…lock ‘em up, you know.  That’s the way these guys ran, and they got elected.  But that wasn’t the answer.”

More recently, a Christian Broadcasting Network spokesperson insisted that Robertson does not support decriminalization of marijuana use and possession.  He went on to suggest that he was simply commenting on the problem with the existing drug laws and questioning the severity of the mandatory sentences associated with drug possession.  The spokesperson also noted that Pat Robertson’s remarks followed directly after a piece on the value and outcomes of faith-based prisoner rehabilitation programs.