PawGanics and Pet Labs 360 – both formerly known for natural pet products – have joined forces to introduce a new line of pet health and wellness products under the name brand PL360.

Before the merger, PawGanics – based in Westbury, New York – made pet-friendly house cleaners and grooming products. Pet Labs 360 – based in Oceanside, New York – made pet nutraceuticals.

The PL360 line – the PL standing for “pet lovers” – consists of a wide variety of cleaning products and grooming supplies, including shampoos, grooming wipes, pet-friendly household cleaners, plant-based stain and odor removes, and a variety of health supplements for dogs targeting anxiety relief, digestive support, hip and joint support, and shedding.

PL360 products can be found on,, and Prices range anywhere from just over $10 to around $100, so there’s definitely something for every budget.

PL360 prides itself on two main goals: providing products that make pet ownership simpler, and making sure the products keep pets happy, healthy, and clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

Have you ever used a PawGanics or Pet Labs 360 product? Did you enjoy the experience? Do you plan on using PL360 products now? Let us know in the comments!