The personal data of customers, from credit card details to addresses, birthdates and more, may have been leaked during the hacker attack on the Playstation Network (PSN) last week. The admission from Sony came today through Sony’s blog.

According to their blog, personal data and user account information may have been compromised due to the “illegal and unauthorized intrusion” into their network. Sony revealed that information including names, addresses, birthdays, IDs and other information was likely taken by the hackers. They have also stated that they cannot rule out that credit card information was also obtained.

As a result, Sony is advising users to take caution when faced with email, telephone and postal inquiries asking for personal information. They have recommended changing passwords on the Playstation Network and any other site with the same password. They even advised regular checks of the credit report.

Initially customers were angered that Sony had known of the breach for a week before telling customers. In response Sony announced via blog that it had taken nearly that entire time to discover that the personal data had been compromised. According to the company, they had only known of the leak for less than 24 hours before they informed customers.

Sony is hoping to have the Playstation Network back up and running in a week.