Pinterest Product Pins – Walmart Likes Them…. Do You?
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Pinterest Product Pins – Walmart Likes Them…. Do You?

Pinterest recently introduced ‘product pins’ that displays details about items for sale that shoppers pin.

Shoppers are now able to find out from where they can buy the product, its stock availability and price.

The new feature is turning out to be fruitful for Walmart. The director of product management at Walmart e-commerce research and technology arm, Robert Yau, wrote in a blog post:

“Comments like ‘I never knew Walmart sold that’ or ‘I discovered this product was much less expensive than I realized’ demonstrated the power of the crowd and the thrill of discovery shopping.”

Walmart itself is also making use of social networks to help shoppers find and shop for products.

Earlier in the month, Walmart redesigned its website and added a ‘Trending’ tab that displays the trending items based on the number of pins from Pinterest.

Pinterest has partnered with several retailers to make sure the new product pins feature was placed on their respective websites.

Other big e-commerce sites, apart from Walmart’s online store where product pins where featured, include The Home Depot, Target Crop. and ModCloth Inc.

A software engineer at Pinterest, Anna Majkowska, revealed in a blog post that more helpful category specific pins are coming.

What we haven’t heard much about is what Pinterest users think of this?  So let us know using the comments section below!

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