Sony’s MMOFPS Planetside 2 received a major update today.

Hossin is the first and foremost part of this update. Hossin features swampy, murky terrain for infantry to traverse and battle through. The thick canopy of the trees will provide cover from air attacks. Meanwhile, a heavy fog rests upon the surface of the continent.

Planetside’s Creative Director, Matt Higby, stated that Hossin is “not finished.” Instead of waiting another 3 months to work out small design issues, Hossin was released to the public early in hopes of receiving feedback from the player community.

Higby said the following about the release: “There isn’t any other way to say it except that Hossin is not finished. If we wanted to ‘finish’ Hossin without sacrificing the quality level we’ve established, it would probably be 3 months before it was ready to go live – we don’t want to wait that long, and we don’t think you want to either.”

You can view the full statement from Matt Higby here.

Besides Hossin, the update includes a new Outfit Recruitment System. Outfits – Planetside’s version of guilds, clans, or alliances – are now able to display themselves to other players on the Outfit Recruitment System. The leader of an outfit is able to display playstyle, member count, logo, and a small bio to attract potential members.

Also having to do with outfits, the Outfit Base Capture feature has been added to the game. When a facility is captured by your faction, the logo and name of the outfit that is supported the most will be displayed alongside the battle victory screen.

The last, and certainly not the least, feature to be added is continent locking. Instead of endless battles waging on all continents, factions are now able to “lock” the continent. This will prevent other faction members from spawning in and wreaking havoc.

Continent locking can be achieved by either winning an alert on a continent or capturing 94% of the territory. However, only two continents are able to be locked at a time. When there are already two continents locked and another one is locked, the oldest locked continent will be unlocked and available to all players.

Do you play Planetside 2? What’s your thoughts on the new update?

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