In celebration of April Fool’s Day Google has decided to play a ‘trick” on Google map users by allowing them to play Pac-Man on any location they choose.

From now through April Fool’s users can turn any location into their own custom  Pac-Man board with the click of a button.

To play head over to Google maps and pick a location to get started (we have a sample of how the map looks below).

Then, click on the Pac-Man icon that appears in the lower left-hand corner and watch the streets come alive with Pac-Man and those little dots he loves to munch (the ghosts are there too).

Bear in mind that the board will resemble the actual streets in  the area you choose, so the board will be a different shape from the original game.

Everything else though, is the same as the original game; users move around the board using the arrow keys.

You can play for hours, exploring different neighborhoods and challenging yourself; you can also introduce Pac-Man to your kids and get the younger generation hooked on the classic arcade game.

Pac-Man was a popular 80’s video game invented by Namco and is still a favorite with millions.

Will you be heading over to Goggle maps to play Pac-Man?  Tell us if you do and if you liked it below.