Podcast of the Week: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is amazing entertainment for anyone who has an interest in history and wants to learn more about well known events.

Hosted by Dan Carlin an amateur historian, Hardcore History tells stories about historical events focusing more on the vantage point of the common soldier than the leader of an army.

Updating infrequently due to the unparalleled amount of production and care that goes into each episode, History is unlike any other podcast. Informative, but incredibly compelling, Carlin’s work should be mandatory reading for history students.

Carlin and producers sometimes feature angles that are largely ignored in today’s interpretation of history.

A perfect example is an episode named, History Under the Influence. Seeking to examine drugs and alcohol’s effect on historical events, this episode uses medical histories and historical accounts of real life events. What we think of as dangerous drugs now they thought of as medical treatment in the past. This led to major world leader’s judgement being impaired during huge events.

The podcast has also featured a few different ongoing series that once listened episode after episode end up becoming the equivalent of a serialized audiobook. This is a podcast not to missed.

Are you a podcast listener?

Are you going to give Hardcore History a try?

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