Pokémon Origins Episode 1 Premieres Today – Available Free!

Pokémon Origins Episode 1 Premieres Today – Available Free!

Pokémon Origins premieres today!

Pokémon Origins is based on the original Pokémon Red and Blue versions for Game Boy.

The online series from Nintendo follows the new Pokémon trainer, Red, in his quest to conquer the Pokémon League.

According to Nintendo, we will get a new look at the classic era of Pokémon. It will include his exploration of the Kanto region and his first time meeting the nefarious Team Rocket.

As Red and his rival, Blue, journey through the region, they’ll undoubtedly have many adventures. Nintendo promises there’ll be “new perspectives on the Pokémon hero story.”

Pokémon Origins will be available in four parts.

The first episode is to go online today, Friday, November 15. Nintendo has not said what time it will be available.

It will be followed by the second episode on Monday, November 18. The third episode is next Wednesday, November 20. And it will wrap up with the series finale next Friday, November 22.

All four episodes of Pokémon Origins will be available online at Pokémon TV.  They will also be on the Pokémon TV mobile app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices.

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