Police Commander Killed By Suicide Attack In Iraq

3 suicide bombers attacked in Mosul and killed the police commander together with destroying a police headquarters building. This marks another incident in the most violent city in Iraq.

Unfortunately the suicide attack marked the sixth attempt on the police commander’s life and this time it was a success. He was well known for his efforts against terrorist groups and this led to him being marked for death.

Just 7 days ago, the victim led a police attack against Munathel Salim, a suspected Al Qaeda head. That attack led to Salim being killed and this might have been retribution, according to some inside sources.

At the moment, Mosul stands out as one of the most dangerous cities in the country. While overall violence is dropping in Iraq, this is not the case in Mosul.

The suicide attack took place at 6:30 AM. Three men entered the fortified police compound with explosive vests. The first bomber blew himself up while inside the blast walls and mayhem started. The two other bombers ran directly into the police headquarters and detonated the explosives, killing Lt. Col. Shamel Ahmed al-Jabouri, the police commander. Reports say that he was asleep during the time of the attack.

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