Police Stop Terrorist Attacks Thanks To Sweeps In Stockholm And Copenhagen

According to police, a terrorist attack was prevented thanks to the prompt action that was taken through sweeps in both Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Investigators claim that the target of the presumed attack was the Jullands-Posten’s Copenhagen building. 4 men have been arrested and charged with suspicion of planning terrorist attacks.

The Jyllands-Posten Newspaper said that all the arrests were made in Copenhagen and this appeared after a long surveillance effort that was done in collaboration with SAPO.

It has been declared that 3 of the arrested people are Swedish residents and recently arrived in Denmark. It is not sure when the attack was supposed to happen, but it is believed that it would have been soon. All of the suspects are of North African or Middle Eastern background.

A sweep in Stockholm also led to the arrest of another suspect. An assault rifle, ammunition, a silencer and plastic strips have been found during the operation. PET said that the terrorist group wanted to kill as many as they could inside the targeted building.

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