Pre-Order GTA 5 On Xbox 360, Earn 1,600 Microsoft Points

Pre-Order GTA 5 On Xbox 360, Earn 1,600 Microsoft Points

It’s been a while since Grand Theft Auto has been available for pre-order. RockStar made a separate pre-order page listing those online stores and retailers taking pre-orders, and now the latest to join the ranks is Microsoft.

Redmond is offering 1,600 Microsoft points to gamers who pre-order the GTA V for Xbox 360.

The points system can be used by gamers to purchase items on Xbox Live. The purchases can include games, DLCs and much more.

Xbox Live is an online marketplace for Xbox console owners. The points are usually purchased with real money.

The deal is going to go on till the end of 2013, which means there’s a lot of time to take advantage of it.

GTA 5 will be releasing in North America on September 17th for Xbox 360 and PS3.

There’s no confirmation on whether it will release on PS4 or Xbox 720, so the points may be only applicable to Xbox 360.

More details are available on Microsoft official website.

Are you going to pre-order?

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