soundtrack coverMusic plays a tremendous role in AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” One need look no further than the opening flashback of “Alone,” which aired March 9th, for its cathartic power.

Lee Dewyze’s “Blackbird Song,” is all viewers hear as Bob stumbles through his desolate path.

The scene is infinitely more painful the with lyrics “Mouths are dry, river runs/Hands are tied, preacher’s son/ Pack your things, leave somehow” penetrating Bob’s solitude.

The haunting beauty of “Blackbird” sent many viewers to YouTube and other popular sites, so they could listen to it again.

Fans can stop hunting because “The Walking Dead Soundtrack Volume 2” for season 4 is now available for pre-order.

The soundtrack is available at The CD is $9.99 and the digital file is $6.99.

Volume 2 Season 4 soundtrack features 5 tracks, including “Blackbird.” Other selections include Sharon Van Etten’s “Serpents,” and “Heavy Games,” by Portugal, the man. provides 00:45 samples of each track. The stripped down acoustic collection helps listeners re-live some of the most poignant “Walking Dead” moments.

“Serpents” was featured during Rick’s long drive back the prison after giving Carol the boot and “Heavy Games” played during the season 4 trailer behind Rick’s plea, “We can still come back. We’re not too far gone.”

Customers who preorder The Walking Dead Soundtrack Volume 2 Season 4 will instantly receive downloads of  “Heavy Games” and “Blackbird Song.” Preordered items will ship or download March 25.