President Obama

Almost a year and a half into his presidency, President Obama made his first speech on immigration.

In his speech, he said that immigration policy has been, and remains, stalled. He indicated that while he and his fellow Democrats want reform, the Republicans are holding it back.

His critics, however, point to the lack of enforcement of existing laws.

Polls are showing that most US citizens want tougher enforcement.  Most also oppose amnesty, at least until the flow of illegal immigrants is substantially slowed or halted.

Leah Durant, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform, said in a recent press release:

“The federal government’s refusal to crack down on illegal immigration has led to dire consequences for legal residents and American citizens. Our politicians refuse to enforce our laws while millions of Americans are pushed out of jobs every day by the hiring of illegal immigrants willing to work for less pay and lowered working conditions. It’s time for the government to protect its own. It’s time for the government to engage a position that enforces federal immigration law.”

It’s impossible to say how many immigrants are crossing the border.  Estimates have ranged from a half million to four million illegal crossings a year.