Pretty Litter: Health-Monitoring, Life-Saving, Litter

Pretty Litter is bringing a new technology to the kitty litter aisle: kitty litter that can detect common and severe illnesses in cats before cats show symptoms.

How It Works

Pretty Litter is a white litter that changes color – yellow, blue, green, orange, or red – when it comes in contact with cat urine. Each color represents a different health issue.

Yellow represents normal urine, blue represents urine with high alkalinity, green represents abnormal acidity, orange represents presence of bilirubin, and red represents presence of blood.


Pretty Litter’s advanced technology allows cat owners to monitor their cats’ health by using a substance that cats are familiar with.

Cats are resilient and often won’t show signs of illness until the illness has advanced to a more serious issue. Having the ability to check the cat’s litter box for any signs of abnormality is not only convenient, but can also save cat owners money in vet bills, as health issues can be detected and treated earlier.

Detecting health issues earlier can potentially save the lives of sick cats.


Besides changing color when interacting with urine, Pretty Litter is dust-free, 100% ecologically friendly, flushable, low-cost, and controls odor.


Dr. Geoff DeWire – Pretty Litter’s Veterinarian-In-Chief – firmly stands behind Pretty Litter, and he states his approval in the video on the home page of Pretty Litter’s website:

“Pretty Litter can be a revolutionary feline care product because it can alert the pet owner of a metabolic problem in their cat before it progresses into a debilitating and expensive disease.”

Where To Purchase

Pretty Litter can be purchased on Pretty Litter’s website. Pretty Litter is currently accepting pre-orders and offering special discounts on these orders.

U.S. orders ship for free, and the first shipment will be sent out on December 10. Supply is limited.


Pretty Litter is not to be used a diagnosing agent. Only a licensed veterinarian can diagnose ailments in animals. Owners should still take their cats to the vet if they feel as if something is wrong because Pretty Litter cannot detect every illness.

What are your thoughts on Pretty Litter? Will you buy it for your cat? Let me know in the comments, and then share this story with your friends and family. Remember, the best product for your pets is the one that makes them happy and healthy!

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