The episode started off with Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale), Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson), Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell), Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario), and the DiLaurentis family heading out to Jessica DiLaurentis’ funeral.

Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), hoping to have a piece of her mother close to her, wore a black dress that belonged to Jessica.

However, when she came downstairs, Ali’s father was upset with her choice of attire; it was only after Spencer explained to Alison that she understood: Ali’s mother had worn that exact dress to Ali’s funeral.

The four liars developed a significant amount of suspiciousness towards Ali’s brother, Jason DiLaurentis, after finding out that he lied about going to a rehabilitation facility.  The girls seemed to believe that Jason killed his mother, due to the fact that he was supposedly in New York that night.

However, after some investigation, Hanna and Emily came to the conclusion that Jason’s alibi was legitimate and that Jason was in the clear.

Spencer has always felt the need to protect Jason, due to the fact that they are half-siblings.  After a long conversation about Jessica and her death, Jason warned Spencer by saying, “You can’t trust him.”

When asked who he was talking about, he simply replied, “Our father.”

Spencer confronted her father, but they were interrupted by her sister Melissa, who was extremely defensive of their father.  After some arguing, Melissa said, “maybe we should tell her”, the assumption being that she meant whatever it was she whispered to her father in the police station.  Mr. Hastings was firm, telling Spencer that she couldn’t lie about something that she didn’t know anything about.

After telling Aria that Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) is recovering back in Rosewood, Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish) brought up an interesting question: how are things going to change when Ali comes back to Rosewood High School?  She seems to have changed, but will Ali return to her old self?  Besides, we all know that Mona has tricks up her sleeve, always causing mischief and mayhem, especially with her new scheme to keep Alison from taking back her Queen B status.

Throughout the episode, Hanna had various flashbacks from the beginnings of her friendship with Mona. After realizing that Mona knew Ali was alive when Hanna and Mona became friends, Hanna confronted Mona, accusing her of trying to turn Hanna into Alison.  Mona denied it.  Hanna ended the episode by visiting a hair salon, claiming that it was “time for a change” when asked if she wanted to keep the same shade of blonde.

Aria went to visit a recovering Ezra later that day.  Regardless of the awkward situation and the drama the two had been through, it was obvious that Aria had a significant amount of concern about Ezra’s health.

While going through the story that Alison told the police, Ezra mentioned Shana, asking if Aria had heard from her since the girls’ return to Rosewood. clearly clueless of her death; a death in which Aria was responsible for and feels an extreme amount of guilt over.  Aria visited Ezra a second time, admitting to him that she killed Shana.  Ezra seemed serious and firm, but then asked, “How can I help?”

Alison went to see Ezra after reading his novel.  She confronted him, accusing him of keeping something back.  He said that the only reason he would keep something would be the potential for it to help Aria.  Ezra asked Ali if Aria knew she had come, and when she said no, Ezra insisted that she told Aria.  He said that absolute honesty was all he had left.

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