Pretty Little Liars S5 Now Streaming At Amazon, Hulu & More

ABC Family’s smash hit show ‘Pretty Little liars’ is currently in it’s 5th season, but fans who missed episodes or just started watching can get all of season 5 online from several sources.

Amazon, Hulu,, iTunes and the Google Play Store are all offering episodes from the current season and some of these services are free for viewers.

Here is everything you need to know on where and how to watch (we’ve included a link to the site for your convenience):


Amazon currently has all 18 episodes available to stream on your PC, smartphone or tablet through Amazon Instant Video.

You can purchase individual episodes through Amazon Instant video for either $1.99 (SD) or $2.99 (HD).

You can also buy a season pass for $24.99 (SD) or $34.99 (HD).

For those looking to purchase the DVD of season 5  an Amazon spokeswoman told us it is not expected to come out until some time this summer and is not available for pre-orders yet.

Amazon Instant video does not require membership: all you need is an Amazon account, which is also free to sign up for (you just need a valid email address for the account).


Hulu has all 18 episodes of season 5 available for streaming, but they only have it available for PC’s.

Hulu does not have permission to make it accessible on your smartphone or tablet, but you can sign up for an email notification in case it becomes available on Hulu Plus.

Hulu is a free service and new episodes are available 24 hours after they air.  To access these episodes all you need is a participating TV provider to log-in.

Hulu Plus is a subscription service and costs $7.99 a month.

ABC Family’s site, has the entire season 5 available for streaming on your PC, smartphone or tablet for free.

You will need to log-in using a participating cable provider, but there is no charge.

They also have a live streaming option s you can watch the newest episode when it airs.

iTunes & Google Play Store

Both iTunes and the Google Play store have all 18 episodes available for streaming for $1.99 and episode.

Episodes can be streamed to compatible smartphones and tablets.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ is the story of 4 friends who are being stalked and manipulated by the mysterious “A”, who they believe is really their formerly missing friend Allison.

The show stars Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Sasha Pieterse and Troian Bellisario.

New episodes currently air Tuesday nights at 8 P.M. (EST) on ABC family.

Do you watch ‘Pretty Little Liars’? Who do you think A is?  Share your thoughts on the show below.

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