Previous Superman Brandon Routh to Join “Arrow”

Brandon Routh is set to have a role in season 3 of the CW’s “Arrow.”

Routh is to portray the new owner of Queen Consolidated, Dr. Raymond Palmer, Ph.D., and possible new love interest for the character of Felicity Smoak. The role is rumored to span over fourteen episodes.

Also known as The Atom, Palmer can alter his body mass at any time. His character is remembered for using  white dwarf star matter to escape from a collapsed tunnel.

The Atom appears several times in the comic books with the Flash, and it is speculated that this new character will tie into the new CW series “The Flash” as well.

In 2006 Brandon Routh played Superman, another DC Comics superhero, in “Superman Returns.” The filmdid not earn high praise from critics and viewers.

Routh is also known for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and is currently wrapping a new Indie film that features Caity Lotz, who portrayed Sarah Lance in season 2 of “Arrow.”

Season 3 of “Arrow” begins on October 8, 2014.

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