Producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules, announced their excitement to see a new Saw film in theaters by 2016.

This Halloween will see Saw return to the cinemas for one week only, to celebrate the film’s 10th anniversary. During a recent interview, discussion turned to the possible future of the Saw series, which Oren Koules commented

When Saw came out they [James Wan, Leigh Whannel] were so afraid of being ‘the Saw guys’, and they were trying to make their own mark. Now that they’ve made their own mark, they’re very comfortable to come back. We’re getting there. James and Leigh are absolutely going to put their mark on it.

Bringing the first Saw back to theaters has sparked the hope of rebuilding interest in the franchise for a possible 8th film, though at this time it is unclear whether it will follow on from Saw VII, be a direct/alternate sequel to the first film, or be a total reboot.

James Wan was quoted saying,

I’ve entertained the idea, but that’s more of a fantasy, I think. It’s a story Leigh and I really like and… who knows?

Plans are to bring the franchise back at Comic-Con International 2016, with James Wan in post-production on Fast and Furious 7 and Leigh Whannel close to wrapping on Insidious Chapter 3, everyone’s schedule seems to be lining up, could it “be time”?

The Saw series ran from 2004 till 2010, is one of the most successful horror franchises in the world, and began a sub genre dubbed “torture porn”.