Mosque Protest

Hundreds of protestors, on both sides of the debate, made their way to the site of a proposed mosque near ground zero in New York yesterday. The rally took place as rain fell.  No physical altercations have been reported. But the protest was heated. Many came nose-to-nose in their debates, shouting across the barricades.

Chants of those both for and against the mosque could be heard from all directions as people came together, just around the corner from the proposed building site. Those in charge of the construction stand firm in their defense of the plans, with Imam Fiesal Abdul Rauf saying the attention the mosque construction is creating may bring about a larger understanding.

It appeared that those against the mosque outnumbered those who supported it. Many professed their fears of terrorism, Sharia law, and what happened on 9/11. Some opponents were asked to leave due to the nature of their displays.

Rauf and wife, Daisy Khan, are heading up the project and have stated that it will promote moderate Islam. But the heated debate has gone nationwide, as many argue freedom of religion and values. As midterm elections approach, it has taken center stage in politics, with a variety of politicians coming out either defending or condemning the project.

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