PS4 4K movie download service 100 GB bandwidthEarlier today we reported that Sony is gearing up for a presentation about the PS4 at the Game Developers Conference 2013.

It’s expected the company may reveal more details about the capabilities of the upcoming console (despite the title of their presentation).

One of the things that the PS4 is very likely to feature is the ability to stream 4K movies.

Sony’s COO and President Phil Molyneux was recently interviewed by The Verge. He came as close to confirming it as possible… without actually confirming it. When asked about the 4K download and steaming service, he promised that those expecting the service ‘will not be disappointed’.

However, people may forget that 4K movie downloads typically utilize a lot of bandwidth. With data cap limits set by internet service providers and carriers on packages that appeal to many average users, the service may turn out to be impractical to use in the end.

However, Phil is confident that service will have an appeal, and he calls the long download waiting time ‘a journey’.

Would you download 4K movies on a PS4? What is your opinion about this potential feature?