GTA 5 for PS4 may not happenSony revealed a list of PS4 publishers and game developers at PlayStation Meeting 2033. Gamasutra reports the list has been updated, with some additions and removals.

The big name that’s off the list is Rovio, the maker of the famous smartphone game Angry Birds. Other developers that no longer appear on the list are Forzenbyte and Mojang and Vlambeer.

Some of the names that have been added to the list include Hello Games, Splash Damage and Codemasters.

The updated list of developers and publishers is available on Sony’s pdf file.

Another biggie no longer on the list is RockStar Games, the North American publisher of the GTA franchise. Their logo appeared on the initial list, but it’s not on the updated one.

Does that mean there would be no GTA 5 for PS4?

We’re not sure, as previous reports call it a possibility, and RockStar did mention in an interview that adjusting the game for next-generation consoles won’t be a problem.

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