PS4 News: New Console To Include Disc Drive

PS4 News: New Console To Include Disc Drive

The highlight of PlayStation Meeting 2013 event was PS4.

Sony announced cloud gaming, cross-gaming and social integration. But never revealed the actual console.

The absence of physical hardware has sparked speculation on whether or not the console will feature a disc drive.

Jim Ryan, Sony’s Europe CEO and President, still sees a disc-based future for the upcoming console. Ryan  informed IGN that despite a move towards a connected console, PS4’s dominant feature is still going to be Blu-Ray discs, which provides the delivery for game titles.

The games are going to take up large amounts of space, and downloading them would be unrealistic. The company has encouraged studios to utilize as much as 50-gigabyte Blu-Ray drives for the big games.

Furthermore, there are certain barriers on the internet such as downloading speed, so disc-based mechanism will continue in the foreseeable future.

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