PS4 News: Rumors Suggest A Wii U-Like Controller, 2013 Release Date

The rumor mill is ramping up about Sony’s (so far unannounced) PS4 console.

This time, the news seems to be surrounding the PS4’s controller.

Sony has left the DuelShock controllers alone for almost 16 years, as far as design goes.

But according to, Sony is looking at altering the design to include bio-metric feedback and possibly an LCD screen.

The bio-metrics would come into play in the duel joysticks, and the LCD screen would likely fit in to the center of the controller.

Gamer Blorge is reporting that Sony is also considering integrating the PS Vita as an optional controller. This would make sense if the rumors about the LCD touch screen are true. Making the controllers appear more like the Vita would seem to be an optimal choice.

As for a release date, VGLeaks has published a roadmap for Orbis (the suspected code name for the new PS4 console) listing a Q4 2013 launch date. They don’t provide a source for their information, but other gaming sites are also suggesting a release timed to coincide with the 2013 holiday season.

Again, none of these reports have been confirmed. So far they are simply rumors of a system that gamers are anxious to see. Though the rumors make perfect sense if Sony wishes the PS4 to keep up with the competition created by the Wii U, and the speculation regarding the Xbox 720.

Consumer Expert Mel Bodley

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