PS4 Price To Be Less Than $599

PS4 Price To Be Less Than $599

The PS4 will sell for less than $599, according to Michael Pachter, an analyst from from Wedbush Morgan.

Pachter made the prediction during a presentation at the SXSW (South by South West) Interactive Conference on Saturday.

That’s likely correct. But ‘less than’ provides a pretty wide range. Anything from $598 on down fits the bill.

However, when first launched, a 60GB PS3 cost $599.

At that price, it’s thought that Sony was losing money on the system. Some analysts estimated at the time that it was costing Sony more than $800 per console to build them.

That was back in 2007 though. Times have changed. Component prices are cheaper now. But we doubt Sony will be biting the bullet to sell the PS4 under cost this time.

As for an actual price… well, we just have to wait for Sony to announce it.

We expect they will reveal the price – and maybe even the actual console – at this year’s E3 Conference. The conference will be held June 11-13 in LA. That would still give them plenty of time to take pre-orders and get it on store shelves before the holiday shopping season.

Pachter also said in his presentation that he expects 85 to 95 million PS4 consoles will be sold during its lifespan.

Michael predicts the same sales numbers for the Xbox 720. However, he was skeptical about W ii U, saying it will roughly sell 30-50 million units.

Patcher said that these next-gen consoles may be be the last of the gaming consoles.

What price do you think the PS4 will be price at when it launches?

And will this next-gen be the last-gen for gaming consoles? Will they be done in by tablets, smartphones and smart TVs?

Leave your thoughts below!

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