PS4 launch title line up strongest everNintendo has been dinged in the past for not having many top-line games available when their gaming hardware first launches.

But the company says the launch of the PS4 will be different.

System architect Mark Cerny, while talking to Gamasutra about the hardware capabilities of the console, shared that although the number of titles can’t be revealed, the hardware’s familiarity and developers’ ability to port game engines to PS4 from PC from within “weeks, not months” will result in a strong software offering at launch time.

Cerny said “There are many, many ways to control how the resources within the GPU are allocated between graphics and computer. Of course, what you can do, and what most launch titles will do, is allocate all of the resources to graphics. And that’s perfectly fine, that’s great. It’s just that the vision is that by the middle of the console lifecycle, that there’s a bit more going on with compute.”

A number of launch titles have already been announced by Sony, such as Shadow Fall, FPS Killzone, DriveClub and infamous: Second Son. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and other third party titles are also expected to be revealed.

Sony is still yet to confirm the release date for PS4.

Are you looking forward to the PS4? What games are you hoping to have available when it launches?

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