PS4 doesn't require a constant active connection to workOne of the main controversies regarding the Xbox One is that it’s going to require a permanent online connection.

Microsoft later came out to confirm that permanent online connection isn’t a requirement, but did reveal later that the console has to go online every 24 hours to function.

This sparked further controversy over whether the PlayStation 4 needs to go online every 24 hours or not.

Sony has confirmed that PS4 won’t require constant internet connectivity, though a constant connection will allow gamers to access more services and take advantage of more functions.

Sony’s Mark Cerny, while talking to El Mundo, said that the PS4 isn’t a “permanent connection system,” but the user experience will be “richer” if gamers are online.

There are a lot of functions that will require internet connectivity, such as multiplayer gaming and competitions, but Cerny said that gamers can still enjoy single-play offline without requiring any internet connection.

This may, perhaps, give an edge to PS4 over Xbox One. What do you think?